Jewellery CAD for Manufacture.

Computer-aided design.

Jewelry production has always been a very painstaking process, in which many specialists are who involveded do a lot of small and routine work. The process of creating jewelry could significantly stretch over time, and of course was very costly.

And if in the past such an approach in the absence of other ways suited manufacturers, now times have changed. Modern jewelry market requires reducing the time to launch serial production of new products while improving their quality, variety of models and lower prices. And here сomputer-aided design (CAD) was introduced to help the jewelry industry keep pace with modern requirements.

 Jewellery CAD for Manufacture.


Easy to produce.

Since the time when advent of computer technology and special programs for the design of various objects and project documentation came into being, the process of creating jewelery upgraded (dramatically). With CAD programs the efficiency has grown significantly, and the time needed to make one or the other piece of jewelry has reduced.

With the CAD became possible to deal:

  • Quickly convert drawings and sketches in exclusive jewelry;
  • See the product assembly on the computer screen to launch its production;
  • Get photorealistic images of products for catalogs, websites, etc.;
  • Similarly, calculate the mass of products from any material, are automatically taken into account shrinkage;
  • Get high-quality master model using a three-or four-axis milling CNC;
  • Export model in STL format for the production model of rapid prototyping devices, or transfer to other CAD systems.



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