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Jewelry sales through online stores grow from year to year, but at the same time grow and demands of customers on how goods should look on the pages of the website. Buyer wants to look in detail at one time or another piece of jewelry before buy it. And the more detailed product description and picture, the more likely that the buyer will stop your choice on it. Obviously, the poor quality images are not quite meet the demands of the consumer, while the High Definition Visualization fully reveals all the splendor of jewelry.




Diamond Works has been delivering the CAD services, the best quality in still images and HD videos for jewelry industry since 2010. We are working for our customers from different countries - jewelry casting companies, online jewelry stores, and for all, who needs embodiment of his idea into reality. Our creative team have more 7 years of experience in creating 3D CAD models and photorealistic media, that allow us to offer our clients a range of services to create high quality 3D visualization and detailed product:


- Create high-quality images, that are used as promotional materials or materials for web publishing.

- Create 3D animations, representing your product in the most favorable light.

- Preparation of CAD files for manufacture.


It's easier, than you can think...


Send us 3-4 pictures of each jewelry item with a regular digital camera. Don't need the best quality of the professional photos, enough ordinary. Also if you can give us the specification with sizes and weights, it would be perfect. This needs for providing the CAD files for manufacture.

CAD files for manufacture

Then we will create the 3d model with our CAD software. We will use the reference photos and the specification, so we will provide accurate CAD replica of your jewelry. You can check this step and quality of our modeling, when we will send the images of the ready model.

We will create the 3d model

And finally, we will provide renderings the images and HD videos, accordingly your requirements. The options, which you can choose for your item, are unlimited - addition of yellow or rose gold, different materials of the gem, engraving inside the ring, presenting the jewelry on a virtual female, changing the background color or materials etc. With special rendering software we will create unique settings for render the stunning, high realistic representation for your jewelry.

High realistic representation for your jewelry

It's faster, than you can think…


Investing to renderings

Our company has continuous research and investment in technology, which have allowed to provide the best result in the short time. Our Render Farm can rendering the high-realistic images and HD videos with a fantastic capacity. We can deliver a few thousands of the renderings for the jewelry per month.


It's working better, than you can think...


Our service of renderings the high resolution still images and HD videos allows to help you make the most of your product is offering. Investing to renderings is one of the most effective ways to engage clients and increase sales for your online store. The result is high-realistic images and beautiful animations, that will impress your customers. You can use renderings in websites, catalogues, promotional materials, or business presentations. Since you don't need to employ external photographers or buy expensive stock photos, our services save you time and money. By using HD videos for representation your products in your online stores or for web marketing you can increase online sales by up to 600%.

For many of our clients working with our studio was a great step forward in online sales of jewelry and it is very important for us , as well as the success of our clients and our successes.


Welcome to Diamond Works!

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